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Diaphragm Compressors

We manufacture state of the art, international standard Diaphragm Compressors.

Diaphragm Compressors, also called Membrane Compressors are used for compressing gases with high purity, and where leakage is not allowed.

Diaphragm Compressors are used for ultra pure, toxic, poisonous and flammable gases such as:

Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Medical air/ Zero air
Argon Nitric Oxide (NO)
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Nitrogen
Ethylene Oxygen
Fluorine Radioactive gases
Heliox SF6
Helium Silane
Hydrogen Xenon
Krypton Special gases and gas mixtures

    Technical Features:

  • Zero gas contamination during compression
  • No gas leakage
  • All gas contact parts are in stainless steel (Special materials on request)
  • High pressures up to 900 bar
  • Triple Diaphragm design with leak detection trips
  • Compressors are custom designed, as per customer specifications

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