Cryopump Asia

Cylinder Filling Manifolds

  • Manifolds for Filling Oxygen, Helium, Argon, Gas Mixes, Hydrogen
  • Linear and Vertical Overhead designs
  • 300 bar Filling pressure. 450 bar hydraulic test pressure
  • Highest safety with Oxygen gas
  • For Medical Oxygen

    Technical Features

  • For Single gas & Gas Mixtures Filling
  • Gravimetric Filling for high precision gas mixes
  • Manual and Fully automatic designs available
  • High pressure Bronze material master valves
  • Vacuum pumps for Oxygen/ Inert gas use
  • Design customized as per the customer’s filling station
  • Pneumatically adjustable height of Filling Head
  • Blast protection cage for operators safety (in case of a hose failure)
  • ASME/ PED standard high pressure safety valves
  • Galvanized frame and structure – Long life without corrosion
  • Digital pressure displays